The next PlayStation 5 software update will add more curation options and 1440p support

The next PlayStation 5 system software update will introduce new features including 1440p support, expanded curation in the form of gamelists, and new social features.

The update, which is currently available through a limited invite-only beta, will be rolled out globally later this year and according to Sony is designed to expand its flagship console’s gameplay and personalization options.

Perhaps the most notable addition is the introduction of support for 1440p HDMI output, letting players choose an extra visual setting on compatible PC monitors and TVs.

“If the game you’re playing supports 1440p rendering you can experience native 1440p output on your display. Or, if you’re playing a game with a higher native resolution like 4K, then you may benefit from improved anti-aliasing through supersampling down to 1440p output,” wrote PlayStation’s senior vice president of platform experience, Hideaki Nishino.

“You can check if your HDMI device is compatible by selecting ‘Test 1440p Output’ under ‘Screen and Video’ options within system settings.”

Gamelists, meanwhile, will let console owners manually sort their games into collections. Users will be given the ability to create up to 15 gamelists, with support for 100 titles per gamelist.

“To start, go to the [Your Collection] tab and select [Create Gamelist]. Choose games to add to your gamelist, then decide what to name it,” continued Nishino. “All games under the ‘Your Collection’ tab of your Game Library can be added to a gamelist, including disc, digital and streaming titles. You can also add the same game to multiple gamelists.”

Gamelists on the PlayStation 5

A deluge of new social features including Request Screen Share, Joinable Game Notifications, Stickers, and Game Base Voice Messages will also be ushered in to give PlayStation 5 owners more way to connect and interact with their friends.

You can find out more about the upcoming update over on the PlayStation Blog.

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