The Neon White OSTs are on Bandcamp, and they’re fantastic

Get some good jams for your next world-record attempt

Neon White went live today, on Nintendo Switch and PC, for anime speedrunning freaks everywhere. But even if you’re not into going fast in an anime world, you should also take some time to check out the Neon White OSTs from Machine Girl that hit Bandcamp today.

Artist Machine Girl composed not one, but two OSTs—or original soundtracks—for Neon White. They’re the tunes that play in the background as you speed along, zipping from demon to demon and blazing through the outer limits of heaven. They’re extremely good.

Check out this track, dubbed The Wicked Heart, from the first OST. It starts out at full throttle, with punchy drums and raw noise bleeding throughout the track. The melody drops in around the 1:13 mark and is one of my favorites in Neon White.

Or maybe you want something a little more chill. We can head on down to the Neon Bar in Neon White and catch some relaxed, easygoing beats. It’s perfect for kicking back after a long day of setting records.

Tracks like Bloody Sneakers, the theme for Neon Violet, almost remind me of early PlayStation days. I think of the Racing Lagoon soundtrack, and in the best way possible.

Beats to blast your record in half

What I’m saying is, the Neon White OSTs are a jam. It’s already a contender for best soundtrack of the year, in my book.

As for Neon White itself, it’s great. I’ve spent the last week setting and then besting my times, competing with other early players along the way. It’s anime as heck, like the sort of series you’d find on a VHS tape in the ’90s at your local mom-and-pop rental place. Suffice to say, if you like going fast, Neon White is worth your time—and it’s got some killer beats, too.

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