One Punch Man live-action film coming from Fast and Furious’ Justin Lin

Another anime hero is set to make the jump to live action, this time on the big screen for Sony Pictures. One Punch Man will be adapted into a live-action movie that will be directed by Justin Lin, who’s best known for directing several movies in the Fast and Furious franchise. The Sony project was revealed by Deadline on Monday.

Lin first joined the Fast and Furious franchise with the third entry, Tokyo Drift, which was released in 2006. Since then, Lin has directed four more movies in the franchise, handing entries seven and eight over to other directors so he could direct Star Trek Beyond and several episodes of True Detective.

One Punch Man started as a web comic from the writer known as One, but quickly grew in popularity spawning an official manga that was drawn by Yusuke Murata. Not long after, the manga was adapted into an anime by Madhouse that eventually came to be a critical and commercial darling. While the first season is considered by many to be one of the best anime seasons of all time, the show’s second season, which came several years after the first and was handled by J.C. Staff instead of Madhouse, was met with middling reviews at best.

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