Marvel’s XCOM-Like Tactics Game Midnight Suns Delayed Again

Midnight Suns

Image: Firaxis

Midnight Suns, a turn-based tactical game set in the Marvel universe and made by the same guys behind XCOM, has been delayed once more.

The game was first announced a year ago, and was originally supposed to be out in March 2022. While it’s not exactly the same as Firaxis’ XCOM series—there won’t be permadeath, for example—the studio’s pedigree and the fact this is a turn-based tactics game mean those links are pretty much standard when talking about this game.

The next time we wrote about the game, though, things weren’t looking so hot. By November Midnight Suns had been delayed into the second half of 2022, possibly after “lots of fan skepticism following a previous livestream of the game that showed some uneven visuals”.

Now it’s been delayed again. As IGN report, during Take-Two’s earnings results earlier today it was announced that Midnight Suns wouldn’t be out until “later this fiscal year”. Given the current fiscal year doesn’t end until March 31, 2023, that certainly suggests a 2023 release, or at least one very late in 2022.

The decision to delay the game once again was made “to ensure the teams at Firaxis Games and 2K deliver the best possible experience for our fans”. Which is fine! A delayed game is eventually good, etc etc. And times have been especially tough lately with the pandemic and spending periods working from home, so if it takes an extra 6-12 months to get this game in good shape, then whatever.

It should be noted though that this delay only applies to some of the platforms the game is destined for. The PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are the ones that will be out by the end of March 2023; last-gen versions for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch are due sometime after that.

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