Interesting Facts About Charlize Theron’s Clea You Probably Didn’t Know

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness allowed Marvel to introduce a ton of new characters for fans to experience in the MCU.

While fans were quite excited about the arrival of Black Bolt, Mister Fantastic and Professor X, it was Charlize Theron’s surprise arrival as Clea during the mid-credits scene that shocked everyone.

But, who is Clea and how does she matter to Doctor Strange?

Well, for starters, Clea in the MCU is also a sorceress just like the comics. She was created for Marvel comics by the legendary duo of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, who introduced her in 1964 on Strange Tales #126, which was titled The Domain of the Dread Dormammu!

Strange Tales #126

In this particular comic book storyline, the Ancient One asks Doctor Strange to enter the Dark Dimension, as Dread Dormammu was threatening to enter their universe in order to cause havoc. During his battle with Dormammu’s army, Strange is saved by Clea, who was curious about him.

But, how is Clea related to Dread Dormammu?

The answer: They’re a niece-uncle duo, and after trying to save Doctor Strange from his minions, Clea was was sent to prison. However, she was soon rescued by the sorcerer.

Following her first appearance in the 60s, Clea has been one of the more integral characters in the Doctor Strange world, as she has went on to become the ruler of the Dark Dimension itself. Moreover, she even became a love interest to the sorcerer, with the two eventually getting married (sort of) in the comics.

Strange #1

She recently assumed the mantle of the Sorceress Supreme in Marvel comics, following the demise of her sorcerer husband during the 2021 comic book storyline, The Death of Doctor Strange.

The Death of Doctor Strange #1

With Theron debuting as Clea in the MCU, it’s very likely that we will see more of the Dark Dimension and the possible return of Dormammu as well, and only time will tell how Marvel Studios will handle its latest sorceress.

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