Guy Replaces Mazda MX-5 Parts With Nintendo Wii Accessories

For the last month or so, TikTok user Tyler Atkin (@ttptng) has been taking off parts of his car—like the steering wheeland replacing them with Nintendo Wii accessories. Please do not try this at home.

Driving a 1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata—now renamed the Wiiata—Atkin first replaced the car’s factory standard steering wheel with the Wii’s tiny plastic Mario Kart accessory (complete with Wii Remote tucked inside it):

Next, he replaced the gearstick with a Wii nunchuk controller:

MX-5 floormats? What is this, a car show? Get that shit out of there, and replace the front floor coverings with Wii Fit yoga mats:

With all that stuff in place the Mazda handbrake grip was looking decidedly out of place, so it had to be replaced, this time with a comically large Wii Sports baseball bat accessory:

All of which is pointless if you can’t actually play a Nintendo Wii while in the Miiata, so yeah, he then removed the car’s stereo and slid in a whole console to replace it, adding a small screen to the dash in the process:

All that was left now was to take the car out on the road, something that technically worked, as you can see in this video:

I mean, yes, it drives. And the gearstick and handbrake replacements are purely cosmetic choices, so whatever. But trying to turn the car with a wheel that small does not look like a fun (or safe) time! And surely getting out of a tight parking spot will look something like this?

The answer to that and any other concerned questions about safety and suitability are: who cares, these aren’t permanent additions, they’re a joke made for the internet, one we have all enjoyed.

If you liked Tyler’s videos, this Wii stuff was just part of his Mazda build tinkering, which also includes…replacing the Wii wheel with the Forza Horizon disc.

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