Gotham Knights Reveal New Release Date With Trailer Filled With Villains Like Harley Quinn, Clayface, Mr. Freeze and More

Gotham Knights has a new release date. Don’t worry, the upcoming WB Montreal title isn’t being postponed again. Instead, it will now be arriving four days earlier on October 21.

The developers announced the surprising change during yesterday’s Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live with a new trailer shines a light on the villains that players will have to face in the game. While previous trailers and teasers focused on the heroes, which includes Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl, the new Villain trailer is all about Gotham and its rogues.

Unlike previous Batman titles, Gotham Knights will be offering a variety of rogues for our heroes to battle it out. While the game won’t introduce the Joker (no Batman no Clown Prince of Crime), we do get Harley Quinn and her chaos in nature. Other villains that were shown in action include Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Professor Pyg, and the Court of Owls.

It’s unclear which villain will act as the central antagonist to the plot, as the trailer showcases different Bat-characters having a face-off against these rogues. With no Batman in Gotham this time around, it will be up to Alfred and his team of superheroes he raised in Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon to take over the reigns as protector.

Following much delays to the project, fans will be excited to see the game finally show up later this year on October 21. With a four day preponement, excitement has reached fever-pitch levels, and we can’t wait to see what WB Montreal has in store for fans.

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