Fall Guys brings Odin and Eivor to the shop, and a new event challenge

Sweet Thieves are made of these

A new Fall Guys event is rolling in on Thursday, bringing some more Assassin’s Creed theming. Abstergo’s Challenge adds some new objectives to complete for prizes, while Eivor and Odin roll into the Fall Guys Store.

Abstergo’s Challenge kicks off on July 7, with a bunch of objectives themed around the game mode Sweet Thieves. This is the mode where one team plays invisible beans, trying to steal away candy, while the guardians of the candy try to grab and capture them.

Beating objectives like winning as a Thief or Guardian, as well as carrying enough candy and pressing buttons, gets you points in Abstergo’s Challenge. Prizes include a title, pattern, and a shiny Apple of Eden-styled backpack.

Odin the All-Father and Eivor the Wolf-Kissed will also be available as costumes in the Store, at 1200 Show-Bucks apiece or 2000 for the bundle. These do cost cash, as opposed to the challenge cosmetics. Still, option’s there if you want to round out your Ezio Auditore costume from the seasonal pass with some more modern assassins.

Stealth drop

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched into free-to-play, landing on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles, and Epic store in the process. Players have had some criticisms of the new monetization model.

It’s also been a pretty good excuse to dip back into Fall Guys, though. Despite sharing some criticisms about the new model, I’ve still enjoyed dipping back in and playing, as the physical comedy and antics of the ultimate knockout royale hasn’t really faded for me. Free-to-play has made it easy to convince friends to hop on and try it out, too.

I do wonder why so much Assassin’s Creed stuff has been streaming into the game. It makes more sense than some other Ubisoft properties, I suppose; though I really would love to see a bean-shaped Sam Fisher.

Abstergo’s Challenge will be live in Fall Guys from July 7 through 11.

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