Bungie Throwing Shit At Wall In Court

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Image: Bungie / Kotaku

Last year, Bungie filed a lawsuit against alleged Destiny 2 cheat maker AimJunkies claiming copyright infringement. Then, earlier this year, a judge dismissed most of that case, forcing Bungie to refile its lawsuit. Now, AimJunkies is fighting back, claiming in a press release that the former Halo dev is wrong in its claims that AimJunkies’ software caused any harm. What’s more, the company suggests that Bungie is throwing “shit” at “the wall” in court in an effort to see what sticks.

As reported by TorrentFreak, AimJunkies is firing back at Bungie via press release following its earlier victory in court against the studio behind Destiny. That victory happened back in April of this year, when a federal judge dismissed most of Bungie’s lawsuit against the cheat maker, siding with AimJunkies and recommending the two parties use arbitration for most of the claims made in the lawsuit as laid out in Bungie’s own License Agreement. However, the court did give Bungie a chance to refile its lawsuit, and it did just that in May. 

Earlier this week, in a press release TorrentFreak received from AimJunkies as well as in court docs, the cheat maker confirmed it is working on filling subpoenas against Valve, PayPal, and Bungie in an effort to gather evidence to disprove Bungie’s claims that the cheating software caused Destiny 2 “grievous harm.” AimJunkies says that, in fact, during the time when its cheating software was available, Destiny 2 allegedly had some of its most popular months based on sales and player numbers.

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In the odd and aggressive press release, AimJunkies claims that people shouldn’t believe “90%” of what is included in Bungie’s court filings, adding that “Bungie and their counsel apparently believe the more [shit] you throw at the wall the greater the possibility of something sticking with the court, no matter how ridiculous or absurd it is in the real world.”

The press release ends with AimJunkies suggesting that Bungie’s behavior is why Activision sold the company, and stating that it hopes the “wiser minds” at Bungie’s new owner, Sony, will help moving forward. (Activision never owned Bungie.) 

Kotaku has contacted Bungie about this press release and the ongoing legal battle with AimJunkies.

Bungie has spent the last few years taking on cheat makers and others in court via lawsuits. And while it has had some victories, even shutting down some sites and cheat makers in the past, AimJunkies has been able to fight back in court, leading to some disappointing outcomes for Bungie. This latest press release seems to signal that this legal battle isn’t going to be wrapping up anytime soon.


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